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Evolution leaps forward

Name and/or Nickname: Shawna
Age: 15
Likes: Music (rock, R& B), writing, x-men, x-men evolution, sailor moon and softball
Dislikes: animal and child abusers
Strong Points: I’m brave, loyal and I’m pretty smart
Weak Points: I’m not very trusting and I like to be alone a lot
Pet Peeves: I hate it when people think they’re better than someone else
Hobbies: I love to write, sing and play softball
Talents: I’m a pretty good singer and I can play softball pretty well

Movie Genre(s): Romance and Comedy
Favorite Music Genre(s): Classic Rock and R & B
Favorite Sport(s): Softball
Favorite Animal(s): Wolf

Leader or follower?: follower
Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist
Good or bad?: Good

You are called for a mission that could mean your doom. Would you accept or decline?: Accept
After a deadly fight, you can only save yourself, or your most precious loved one. Who do you choose?: My loved one
By a twist of fate, you have fallen in love with the enemy. Do you chose your team, or him/her?: That’s hard, but I think I’d go with the person over my team.

Favorite X-Men: Evolution character. You can say why if you would like, but it isn't necessary. Rogue, cause she’s not afraid of anything and when she is she hides it from everyone.
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