Kimi (kurisuchie2kimi) wrote in evo_ratings,

Evolution leaps forward.

Hi! Hopefully this community isn't to dead to rate me, just for fun x___x Thanks if you do manage to rate me =)

Name and/or Nickname: Kristie, my nickname's Kimi.
Age: 16
Likes: Surfing around the net, chatting to people, shopping, various types of music, singing.
Dislikes: Hypocrites, sushi, Paris Hilton. (=P No offence to people who like her)
Strong Points: I'm a great listener. A lot of my friends think I should be a therapist of some type, i'm caring and helpful, I help people with their problems even when they think nothing can ever be right again. I can be a bit outgoing, but not enough to get me in a heap of trouble.
Weak Points: I'm sarcastic, in a humorous way, and care to much about people sometimes. I get in to deep with someone I may have only just met, only to be rejected by them or hear something bad has happened when it isn't my place.
Pet Peeves: I'm a perfectionist, granted my room is a mess, but everything has to be perfect.
Hobbies: Chatting to people, reading magazines, drawing, singing, writing fanfictions.
Talents: I'm a good writer, and i'm an ok artist. People think I have a good singing voice, but i'm still trying to persuade myself to believe them.

Favorite Movie Genre(s): Romance/Comedy, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Fantasy.
Favorite Music Genre(s): Right now: Rock, with a little bit of pop on the side.
Favorite Sport(s): Soccer, and rugby.
Favorite Animal(s): Cats! Well, kittens, and puppies and dogs =3 I love animals.

Leader or follower?: Mostly a follower, but I can be a leader if I want to.
Optimist or pessimist?: A bit of both, but more optimist.
Good or bad?: I'm a good girl lol.

You are called for a mission that could mean your doom. Would you accept or decline?: If it means saving others, i'd probabley accept.
After a deadly fight, you can only save yourself, or your most precious loved one. Who do you choose?: My loved one.
By a twist of fate, you have fallen in love with the enemy. Do you chose your team, or him/her?: I would choose my team, but that wouldn't just flick a off switch for the feelings I feel towards the enemy.

Favorite X-Men: Evolution character. You can say why if you would like, but it isn't necessary. Hm...Right now, Kitty, and maybe Rogue.


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