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Evolution leaps forward

Name and/or Nickname: Glacia
Age: 19

icecream, sashimi, kebabs, german chocolate cake (alright so I haven’t had lunch yet)…reading, appreciating art, traveling internationally though not too fond of traveling locally…


partying (give me get-togethers with close friends any day of the week), confrontations, overly aggressive individuals/groups make me run for the hills – or hide under a cozy rock.

Strong Points:

Pretty blasé and open minded- willing to try new things at least once normally (illegal stuff bein' the exception).

Weak Points:

Can’t stand emotional confrontations. Sure, I can angst and get moody but really, dealing with the crap from others is…*shudders*. Not my thing. Not very driven or goal oriented- though I do have my priorities. Anti-social really – crowds and People aren’t my thing.

Pet Peeves:

Emotional drama queens, politics, two faced hypocritical attitudes.


reading, rudimentary chess, watching tv/anime/movies, photoshop, adore sleeping (I’m a night bird and totally not lovin’ the mornings), cooking


currently on an icon making binge, reccing stuff, love working with Photoshop.

Favorite Movie Genre(s):
Sci-fi/Fantasy is It for me. Feel good entertainment. Totally into angst but save me from tragic!endings. Melodrama is fine in measured doses.

Favorite Music Genre(s):
I can listen to pretty much any genre in any language except American Country and Classical Hindi (Indian) music. Everything else rocks though. Especially rock, alternative and to an extent pop or heavy metal.

Favorite Sport(s):

swimming, volleyball, baseball, skiing and rock climbing. I don’t mind watching soccer, cricket and gymnastics – though I’m not too enthused about ‘watching’ or really ‘doing’ sports…

Favorite Animal(s):

Pandas! Killer whales are awesome too. I prefer cats over dogs but like both. Never really had a pet though I might not mind a ferret.

Leader or follower?:
Follower though really a loner. I just don’t do well with others 24/7. Give me a PC and I’m a happy ducky.

Optimist or pessimist?:

Oye, my best friend calls me the optimistic pessimist. I can be as gung ho as the next person (and rather…enthusiastic to say the least) but ultimately I’m quite a cynic. Not something I’m proud about.

Good or bad?:

Good but lack drive and direction. Life is a bit of a question mark to me apart from doing alright in college, looking towards getting a job etc. In high school I recall being happy in Geekdom with my comics and TV shows and clique of fellow fandom enthusiasts.

You are called for a mission that could mean your doom. Would you accept or decline?:
Oh, knowing me I’d accept and depending on the pressure…I’d probably crash and burn.

After a deadly fight, you can only save yourself, or your most precious loved one. Who do you choose?:

I wouldn’t choose – I’d end up going with my gut and if it means I’m frozen in terror or push my loved one out of the way…so be it. Most likely we’ll both end up in Hades.

By a twist of fate, you have fallen in love with the enemy. Do you chose your team, or him/her?:

Team – it’s practically like abandoning your second family and family is important. Even more so if I *didn’t* have a family. Yes, I’d be willing to sacrifice my love life if it means staying together with my team.

Favorite X-Men: Evolution character. You can say why if you would like, but it isn't necessary.
Rogue hands down – Logan, Kurt and Scott trade spots for second place.

If you're looking for a pic of me *points to icon*. Not too crazy about posting candids but luckily that wasn't a requirement for this ^__^ I have chin length hair and glasses that's really all you need to know IMO

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